Let Paramount Building, Inc. Eliminate Ice Dams on Your Roof

If roof temperatures on a roof are uneven during the winter, snow may melt on one section of the roof. Then, the resulting water often runs down and refreezes around the roof’s edge (a colder portion of the roof). This creates an ice dam that traps water formed by additional melting snow, and this water can then leak into the house. Ice dams can also damage gutters if they form within close proximity. However, you can easily get ice dams removed – or prevent them from forming in the first place – with help from Paramount, Inc.

Why Michigan Residents Should Have Ice Dams on their Roofs Professionally Removed

No matter what you read on the internet, ice dam removal is typically not a good DIY project. In attempting to knock down hard, frozen water, you could injure yourself or damage your roof and/or gutters. In addition, by simply knocking ice dams off, you do not eliminate the issue that caused the ice dam. Therefore, another one is likely to form later in the winter.

Frequently, heat escaping from the home cause the uneven roof temperatures that result in ice dams. Yet, the professional roofers at Paramount Building, Inc. can do at least two things to safely trap heat within the home.

  1. We can add more insulation beneath the roof.
  2. We can seal the roof (this will also prevent cool air from escaping during the spring and summer).

As a bonus, if you hire Paramount Building, Inc. to install insulation under your roof or seal your roof, you will likely save money on your heating and cooling bills down the road. And right now is a great time to take preventive measures against ice dams. Or, if your roof has already accumulated ice dams, an experienced roofer from Paramount Building, Inc. can quickly and safely remove them.

Contact Paramount Building, Inc. for Ice Dam Prevention and Removal

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